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Muay Thai for Self-Defense

Muay Thai style of kickboxing comes from Thailand and has two schools of thought. 

  1. The competition system of Muay Thai has rules and a list of allowed and more importantly, un-allowed techniques to minimize serious injury.

  2. The original "Military" version that does NOT adhere to the "Sport Rules" of Muay Thai for the ring. The original military method is for real combat and that is the style we will teach. Punches, kicks, knees, elbow and jumping version of all of those combined with take downs, throws and joint breaks and bone breaking techniques. This a dangerous system of self-defense and difficult to practice safely with your training partner. Professor Foley studied this method of Muay Thai while serving in the US Army back in 1979. He also studied and will incorporate techniques from American Kickboxing. To take the class, you will need Muay Thai style shorts, gloves (bag gloves or MMA gloves), ankle supports, loose fitting tank top and water bottle. Also bring a warrior spirit. 

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