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Question #1 - Why do you wear military-style uniforms instead of a traditional martial arts uniform?
        Answer - The military uniform is an inexpensive and practical outfit that allows the student to train in both martial arts and real-life situations (very few people have been attacked by someone wearing a Gi). A full uniform can be found online for as little as $25 while the traditional Gi and belt system is well over $150. Professor Foley believes in keeping the costs of attending his school as inexpensive as possible. 
Question #2 - Do you do traditional katas or forms?
        Answer - Yes, we focus a great deal of our class time on perfecting katas. The traditional kata gives our students focus, strength, and memorization skills that are essential to high-level martial arts. These skills are also very helpful in school and professional situations.
Question #3 - How long does it take to earn a Black Belt in KKCMA?
        Answer - It depends on the student but it typically takes two years to get to Brown Rank and then there is a mandatory one year of training for each of the three levels of Brown Rank. So a dedicated student can earn a Black Belt in five years. This is longer than many other styles because the student will be a Black Belt level in Karate, Aikido, Jujitsu and Hand to Hand Combat. Above all else, the student will be able to defend themselves and others in almost any situation. 
Question #4 - What if I don't have the time to reach Black Belt?
        Answer - Our students learn basic self-defense techniques and their first kata on day one of training. Each day spent in training will improve your skills in many areas of life. We've had many students take KKCMA before college in order to prepare for life on their own. The confidence that we see grow in our students is inspiring.
Question #5 - What are the ages of students that you will accept?
       Answer - We generally like to start at 8 and up, although we specialize in family training in which we have kids as young as 6 who train with their siblings and/or parents. Come and check out our Level 2 class in which we have many complete families training together. We also offer great family discounts to make this as affordable as possible.
Question #6 - Do most of your students go on to join the military?
       Answer - Although we are very proud of our students who have decided to join the US Armed Forces, the majority of students are civilians. We have business people, doctors, nurses, pilots, composers, and college students currently attending the H2HCTC. I encourage you to ask Professor Foley about the many students that have gone on to do great things after excelling at KKCMA.

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