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Professor Michael M Foley


“The H2HCTC is the most unique training center for Martial Arts in the world. And Koden Kan Combined Martial Arts is the most complete and thorough system of Martial Arts you will find anywhere.”

~ Professor Michael M. Foley


We are a faith-based family training center where our students become part of our extended family on day one. We encourage family participation and offer fantastic family rates


The Hand to Hand Combat Training Center teaches a combined Martial Art called Koden Kan Combined Martial Arts. The students may learn a Karate block followed by a Judo sweep followed by a Jiujitsu arm lock and ending with a Kajukenbo dropping knee strike, all combined into one self-defense technique. Many consider our style a mix of traditional Martial Arts and American Hand to Hand Combat.


Koden Kan Combined Martial Arts or KKCMA is the martial arts style taught at the Hand to Hand Combat Training Center.

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