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"Lately, I've been reading Harry Potter and the like with my kids. This book is a great change in style. Writer Michael M. Foley has a way of engulfing the reader into the story which made it impossible to put the book down. I started reading Operation Green Harvest on my iPhone while my plane was sitting at the gate and found myself breaking the rules about turning my iPhone off. If you like Tom Clancy then you'll be a fan of Michael Foley."




5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent book August 20, 2013

By Brian R. Crain

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Book Description

Publication Date: November 20, 2012



An exciting novel about a young man wanting only to advance his knowledge and physical abilities in the Martial Arts but discovers so much more through his service in the United States Army. He is thrust into one situation after another testing his skill, stamina, resolve and faithfulness to his wife and his sometimes overwhelming desire to be the best martial artist in the world. Will he, can he persevere through the trials, the missions, the training necessary for him to even approach such high aspirations? There is one who knows the answer...."

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